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We are dedicated to build innovative products in order to accelerate AI adoption in the industry.

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Picsellia Software is our AI & computer vision project development platform. Designed to empower AI teams from Prototype to production.


Picsellia Studio provide out-of-the-box AI solutions to create value for your business. Our main focus is bringing efficiency and safety to your company.


Picsellia Services provide Deep Learning experts for your company to develop complex AI products with your team.

Picsellia Software

The Most Complete Computer Vision and AI products development platform. Designed to empower your Data Science team in its daily work from Dataset Creation to Model Deployment.


Picsellia Studio

We develop out-the-box AI softwares designed to enhance efficiency in your business operations or improve the safety of your collaborators.

Picsellia Services

Our Team of Deep Learning experts can collaborate with your teams to develop complex business cases.

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The Founders

A Team of passionate and commited people

Thibaut LUCAS


Ex-Capgemini, AI Engineering background Committed to democratize enterprise-grade AI



Safety and security solutions expert. Graduated from Economic War School in Paris

Pierre-Nicolas TIFFREAU


Computer Vision & Deep Learning Expert Passionate about bringing value with AI


Picsellia Software is a much more powerful platform than our previous in-house developed project management tool. We are gaining an average of 60% in productivity on the development and production of our Artificial Intelligence models.

Jean-Charles Risch - Fortil - AI Group Manager

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