A Team of Commited people

We are a team of passionate people working on innovative solutions to facilitate AI adoption in all companies.


The Project

Facilitate every steps of your AI journey


Provide your Data Science teams with the best collaborative project development software for all their Computer Vision Projects.


Develop out-the-box Artificial Intelligence solutions for your company using the latest technologies available on the market.

Assistance technique

Provide you with the support of our Data Scientist for a short or long term mission at a distance or in your office.


A mix of skills for a 360-degree view of your needs

Thibaut LUCAS


Ex-Capgemini, AI Engineering background Committed to democratize enterprise-grade A



Safety and security solutions expert. Graduated from Exec. MBA at EGE

Pierre-Nicolas TIFFREAU


Computer Vision & Deep Learning Expert Passionate about bringing value with AI

The company

From an annotation tool to a complete AI solution


April 2019

The founders meet with the idea of developing the first French image annotation platform.

June 2019

The Beta Picsellia Software version is launched and very quickly the first users arrive.

April 2020

We create the company and integrate the Nubbo incubator to increase our competence and identify our market.

June 2020

We sign our first customer and recruit our first employee to keep pace with our roadmap.

January 2021

We are launching Picsellia Studio and Services to help companies more precisely in their Artificial Intelligence needs.


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