Picsellia Studio and building site

Our solutions allow to optimize certain tasks and improve safety on site

Target professions:
- Site manager
- Head PC Security

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A tailor-made solution

Powerful and easy to use

Videos / Pictures

Our Computer Vision models allow us to detect a list of objects, movements or events parameterized in advance on a live image or video stream


PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), falling objects / personnel or intrusion on site can be detected and notified to you in real time


All information can be recorded in a database so that you can track your deliveries (license plate, supplier...) and notifications on site
Real time


Our Sound Processing models allow you to identify different audio frequencies on recorded tapes or in real time


Listening to multiple Talkie-Walkie channels can sometimes be very complicated. We integrate directly on your frequencies and detect the elements configured by notifying you in real time


Analyzing a soundtrack makes it possible to detect a technical anomaly or a particular event. Predictive maintenance is simple to implement via a VHF stream or a microphone
Easy to handle
Higly reactive


Our Natural Language Processing models allow us to analyze and record all the data in a handwritten or computerized document


All of your documents (Order Form, Delivery Note...) can be saved in a database with encrypted data and can be accessed at any time


All the information in the documents can be analyzed, interpreted and saved in the right place to facilitate your searches and indexing

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